Did you hurt yourself during a yoga class? If the answer is yes, then this article might be something for you. How to prevent yoga injuries?

There are many types of research showing that the ratio of people getting injured during a yoga class is increasing, especially in some dynamic styles like vinyasa yoga or ashtanga vinyasa. In this article, we will discuss some advice on how to prevent injuries during a yoga class.

There are few recommendations on how to prevent injuries during a yoga class:

how to prevent injuries during a yoga class
how to prevent injuries during a yoga class

Warm-up: sometimes we forget the importance of warming up our bodies and nowadays that’s the major reason for injuries. In order to prevent that, we need to make sure that the body muscles and joints are enough warmed up. Our suggestion is to arrive earlier to classes to have the time to do your own warm-up exercises, to link your breath with some small movements called pawanmuktasana series and also to add some gentle stretches as well.

Correct Body Alignment
Correct Body Alignment

Correct Body Alignment: Correct body alignment is very important in your asana practice because it helps the skeletomuscular system to work in a better way with less consumption of energy. When you properly align your joints and muscles it reduces the energy consumption in your body and put less strain on the joints and relative muscles with minor risk of injuries. There are many yoga styles like Iyengar which emphasize more on alignment and there are some teachers which lead alignment oriented yoga classes; so we suggest to go for these classes as well for better preparation and understanding of your body.

Breath: Breath is a very important part of asana practice; without proper breath, the posture is not accomplished. According to hatha yoga principles, it is the tool to calm your mind. During the practice we are required to have a calm mind, so by focusing on the breath, we are balancing the physical and mental state. By doing so, the awareness becomes more profound and intense and helps us to go deeper into the posture which increases the stretch.

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