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How to Prevent Yoga Injuries

How to prevent yoga injuries

Did you hurt yourself during a yoga class? If the answer is yes, then this article might be something for you. There are many kinds of research showing that the ratio of people getting injured during a yoga class is increasing, especially in some dynamic styles like vinyasa yoga or ashtanga vinyasa. In this article,

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5 Best Destinations For 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course-2019

Top 5 Destinations For A 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course-2019

Hey there, committed yogi! You’ve decided to devote major time to your practice and the practice of your students. You are pursuing your 300-hour yoga teacher training course. This is a serious commitment, so you need to make some serious choices. You know an immersion training is the right path for this step, but there

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How to do Dandasana (staff pose) with step by step instructions and benefits

How to do Dandasana

Just like Tadasana (Palm tree pose) and Samasthiti (Equal standing pose) work as starting positions of every standing pose similarly Dandasana is the foundation for all the seated postures. A perfect yoga posture for beginner level practitioners to start their journey and to understand the importance of base in their asana practice. Dandasana is derived

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