The first things that come to our mind when we hear the phrase ‘toned body’ are fitness, gyms and weights. Today, these have become so popular that across the world, millions of people spend on expensive gym memberships and devote hours to toning their bodies. What if we told you that there was an easier, less expensive way? SO let’s know Can Yoga Help to Tone Your Body?

What does ‘toned body’ mean?

Toning the body refers to the strengthening and development of specific muscle groups around the body, in most cases, this is limited to our arms, thighs and abdomen. In reality, this is an incomplete definition. A well-toned body means a body that is not only stronger and better defined but also more flexible.

Can Yoga help tone your body?

Yoga is an amazing form of exercise. Without the need for any special equipment, you can practice yoga anywhere and all you need is a Yoga mat! It is known to enhance your strength, flexibility, endurance as well as muscle tone. Yoga poses (asanas) have a dual purpose – while some employ your body weight to strengthen your body, others focus on simply strengthening your muscles.

Each pose is designed to target specific muscle groups allowing you to work on your body with greater ease. A good example of an asana that helps you gain muscle definition by using your own body weight is the Chaturanga Dandasana while the Trikonasana engages major muscle groups to stretch and strengthen them. A regular yoga practice will show you a visible difference in your body is more sculpted and muscles being stronger than before, all without lifting a single weight!

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How does Yoga work on toning your body?

Studies have proved that Yoga decreases the stress levels of the body substantially. Not only that, it is known to increase the body’s insulin sensitivity! This means that Yoga instructs your body to use food as fuel and not just store it as fat! Moreover, the muscles of the body are stretched and strengthened at the same time.

This allows the connective tissue, tendons and muscle fibers to lengthen and at the same time, the added tension helps the body to augment and maintain a refined, sculpted appearance. Thus, Yoga is perfect for toning and strengthening every single muscle group in the body with the additional meditational benefits like relieving tension, stress and calming the mind.

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