Today, the pressure and stress of a school environment rivals that of an adult lifestyle and far exceeds healthy levels. From poring over books to weekly tests, stacks of homework to sitting at a desk for hours, social stigma to bullying, children have to deal with it all. More often than we realize, this leads the body and mind to tense up, bringing with it a host of modern predicaments like anxiety attacks, chronic depression, stress eating and obesity. The importance of Yoga education as a whole and the importance of Yoga in school is evident in that Yoga is the perfect answer to remedy this increasingly unstable state of mind –

Enhances Physical Well-being –

We know the importance of Yoga in school. As such, Yoga gives a student a holistic tool with which to counterbalance a lifestyle so ripe with junk food and minimal movement. Giving children some much-needed fitness amidst this monotony, the asanas, meditation and pranayama help to keep the body well-functioning and healthy. Regular practice leads to a correction in posture, increased flexibility and balance and keeping the body fit as a whole.

Increases Memory & Concentration Power –

Yoga in school
Yoga in school

Yoga has several asanas which individually and coupled with pranayama and meditation techniques are known to enhance the capacity and functioning of the mind. This not only improves the memory but also the attention span, thereby allowing students’ minds to learn, absorb, process and store more. Moreover, Yoga even helps to increase focus and improves concentration power enabling students to set goals and see them through with more ease.

Relieves Stress –

With stress having become an all but common feature in every student’s life, Yoga is the ideal weapon to fight it. Yoga teaches us to quiet our minds to the noises around us and live in the present moment. It teaches us to control our breath and focus on only the task at hand. Rather than reacting to situations, students who practice Yoga on a regular basis, are able to use these aids and manage their stress and anxiety levels effectively, in turn, improving their academic performance.

Inculcates Discipline –

Yoga is all about discipline, about keeping the body, soul and mind in perfect alignment. Each asana in Yoga has a specific purpose and often takes consistent practice to master. Yoga teaches students to set goals, patiently but surely work towards those goals and achieve them in the best possible way. This teaches students subtle discipline and persistence and encourages them to apply this in every aspect of life.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Yoga helps children to build their confidence, increase their strength and their mind-body equilibrium. It teaches them the benefits of hard work, being true to themselves and fruits of perseverance. Children learn to become comfortable in their own skin, love and respect their bodies and develop a confidence that helps them in their daily lives.

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