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Why Choose Us?

The 5 values of Rishikesh yogkulam

  • Rishikesh yogkulam is committed to producing teachers who are ready to step straight into a commercial teaching role at the end of their training.
  • Safety is paramount to Rishikesh yogkulam’s teaching philosophy. Technique and alignment are strongly emphasised throughout the course.
  • Rishikesh yogkulam specialises in boutique, small-group, training experiences to ensure you get the individual attention you deserve.
  • Rishikesh yogkulam offers a holistic training program that explores yoga as a lifestyle and spiritual practice, not just as an exercise.
  • Rishikesh yogkulam firmly believes that yoga is for people of all shapes, sizes and experience levels. You don’t have to be young. You don’t have to be flexible. You just have to be.