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One Destination, Many Paths, One Journey

Yoga Teacher Training School In Rishikesh, India

Welcome to our Yoga Teacher Training School located in the spiritual city of Rishikesh in India, where traditional philosophies of yoga merge with the latest teaching techniques in a calm environment amidst the yoga capital of the world. At our school we have various course of Yoga Teacher Training in India that will enable you to expand your knowledge of yoga, develop your practice and gain the necessary skills and confidence to become Yoga Alliance USA certified yoga teacher. We are proud of our serene and talented instructors who will provide you all the spiritual and philosophical sides of yoga along with its physical aspects to make your journey a transformative one.

Standing at the foot of the Himalayas, Rishikesh Yogkulam is a famous school where you will study yoga teacher training in India. The proximity to Ganges and the opportunity of being in your yogic life would be an ideal way to connect with your inner self here.

Best Yoga Teacher Training School in India

Our curriculum covers all aspects of yoga practice such as Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Anatomy, Philosophy and Teaching Methods. Create your Own Post! From advanced practitioner who intends to deepen his practice to a beginner who longs to become a certified instructor, we've tailored our program to meet demands and satisfy needs and objectives.

Yoga Alliance - RYS 200, 300, 500 in India

About Yogkulam?
Join us at our Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh, India, and embark on a life-changing journey that will not only transform you as a yoga practitioner but also empower you to inspire and guide others on their own path to wellness and self-discovery. Namaste.”

The story of Inspiration: One place, many roads, one trip

The Story of Inspiration is One Place, Many Paths, One Journey and Our Faith is a story that explores the different ways individuals find inspiration and begin their unique journey to a common destination. The story uses the power to motivate us along the way, celebrating our path to our destination no matter what obstacles we encounter along the way.

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Why You Should Choose Us

What makes Rishikesh Yogkulam different from others?

Hello, yoga lovers! Here at Yogkulam, we thrive to be different than other yoga schools in Rishikesh, India. We are a unique community of yogis committed to enhancing your yoga journey experience. Let’s talk about what makes us unique & special:

Best Yoga School in India
  • Cultural Education- Rishikesh Yogkulam stands out for its commitment to preserving and teaching traditional yoga practices including asanas, pranayama, meditation, philosophy.
  • Experienced Teachers- Our school has highly experienced and knowledgeable yoga teachers who guide students with skill and compassion, ensuring they fully understand and practice yoga.
  • Holistic approach- Rishikesh Yogkulam offers a comprehensive approach to teaching yoga, which includes not only physical postures but also mindfulness, breathing techniques and spiritual teachings.
  • Amazing location- Located in the spiritual city of Rishikesh, the school offers a peaceful and serene environment with mountain view & 10 minutes distance from the ganga river which makes it ideal for one’s yoga practice and deep spiritual journey.
  • Small class sizes- The school maintains small class sizes to ensure individual attention and individual instruction, allowing students to progress at their own pace.
  • Community Atmosphere- Rishikesh Yogkulam provides students with a sense of community and support, creating a warm and welcoming environment for learning and personal growth.
  • Reviews & Testimonials- We are honored with a 5 star rating among all Yoga schools in Rishikesh. Check out our YouTube videos to see "what our students say."
  • Online teaching- Too busy at work? No worries, we also offer online yoga teacher training courses so you can learn from your comfort zone. We often offer online classes for our students so you can practice authentic yoga from the comfort of your own home.
  • Strong values-We believe in equality. We welcome every student regardless of gender, age, skin color or race. We are equal & treat everyone equally.

What's your excuse now? Join Yogkulam, which is not just a School but a family. Your exceptional Yoga Journey starts here, & we can't wait to embark on it with you!

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RYS 200, 300, 500 in India

Yoga Alliance USA Accredited Programs at Rishikesh Yogkulam

Rishikesh YogKulam is a renowned yoga school located in the spiritual city of Rishikesh, India. Our school offers Yoga Alliance accredited programs for individuals who want to enhance their yoga practice or become certified yoga instructors. Here is a detailed description of the yoga alliance programs adopted at Rishikesh Yoga Kulam:

Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200) in India

This program is designed for individuals who want to become certified yoga teachers. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics including the philosophy of yoga, asanas, pranayama, meditation, anatomy and teaching methods. Students will also have the opportunity to take classes under the guidance of experienced teachers. Upon completion of the program, students will be eligible to enroll in RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 500) in India

The Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program is designed for certified yoga teachers who want to deepen their knowledge and skills. This program delves into postures, sequences, flexibility, yoga therapy, and philosophy. Students will also learn how to design special classes for different populations. Graduates of this program may register for RYT 500 at Yoga Alliance.

Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers in India

Rishikesh YogKulam offers continued education program for yoga teachers looking to expand their knowledge and skills. These programs include specials such as yoga therapy, prenatal yoga and yoga for athletes. Participants can access the Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program (YACEP) which they can use to maintain their Yoga Alliance certification.

Yoga Alliance Registerd School in India - Rishikesh Yogkulam
RYS 200, 300, 500 Hour Yoga Alliance USA Certification in India - Rishikesh Yogkulam

Overall the Yoga Alliance Accredited Programs at Rishikesh Yogkulam offer a well included and immersive learning experience for individuals looking to deepen their yoga practice or become certified yoga teachers. Our school's experienced teachers with beautiful environment & traditional teaching methods make it an ideal destination for those seeking authentic yoga training.

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Yoga Teacher Training Courses In India

Yoga teacher training in India is a transformative and immersive experience that attracts yoga enthusiasts and aspiring teachers from all over the world. Often referred to as the "Yoga Capital of the World", Rishikesh is a peaceful and spiritual retreat nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the holy river Ganga

Yoga teacher training programs in India offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes aspects of yoga, such as asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation, philosophy, anatomy, teaching techniques a refreshing environment.

Upon completion of the Yoga Teacher Training Program in India, students not only gain a deeper understanding of yoga but also gain an internationally recognized certification to teach yoga professionally. Many graduates of these programs have been transformed physically and spiritually, ready to share the wisdom of ancient yoga with others and positively impact the world.

Healing & Panchakarma Treatments in India

Short Wellness Courses in India - Rishikesh Yogkulam

Rishikesh Yogkulam's Short Wellness Courses offer a transformative experience through sound healing, reiki healing, and panchakarma.

These classes are designed to provide participants with a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on the mind, body and spirit. Participants will learn ancient healing techniques, deepen their understanding of energy healing and develop youthfulness through traditional Ayurvedic practices. Whether you are looking to enhance your personal wellbeing or starting a career in holistic medicine, these classes at Rishikesh Yogkulam provide an environment for growth and self-discovery.

Sound Healing
$799Entire Course
level 1
$ 110
level 2
$ 190
level 3
$ 220
level 4
$ 280
Reiki Healing
$399Entire Course
level 1
$ 129
level 2
$ 149
Master level
$ 179
$420Entire Course
7 Days
$ 300
11 Days
$ 360
14 Days
$ 420

Experience the Best Yoga Teacher Training Course of Your Life.

Rishikesh Yogkulam Exists To Bring The Authentic Teachings Of Yoga Back to yoga; both on and off the mat.

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Why We Stand Apart From Others

Yoga Teacher Training School In India - Rishikesh Yogkulam

Learn from the best yoga alliance certified teacher training school in India

Embark on a revolutionary journey with Best Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training School in Rishikesh. Our school offers a comprehensive curriculum led by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are dedicated to helping you deepen your understanding of yoga. Focusing on philosophy, anatomy, teaching techniques and practical experience, our program provides a well-rounded education for aspiring yoga teachers. Located in the serene surroundings of Rishikesh, our school provides a supportive and immersive environment for personal growth and development. Join us to enhance our teaching skills and dive deeper into the ancient practice of yoga.

Why Choose Rishikesh Yogkulam in India
Why choose rishikesh yogkulam for yoga retreat in India

Why Yoga Teacher Training Programs in India?

If you want to learn yoga, yoga teacher training programs is one of the best options as you can start it even if you do not have a prior experience in yoga. Also, if you have experience with this, you can still choose the path you want and start sharpening your skills. The cherry on the cake is the registered certificate you receive upon completion of the course. As Rishikesh Yogkulam is the best yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh, India, affiliated to the Yoga Alliance of America, upon completion of the course from the school, you will receive a certificate to qualify you as a registered yoga teacher

Apart from the Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Course, you can also opt for the Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Course which is a short term course. No prior experience and knowledge required. You can join the program at any time. This is not a course but a treatment program, which you have also called a treatment program, wellness retreat, rejuvenation or relaxation. Retreat is the best way if you want to let go of all negative emotions, thoughts and busy life. The resort in Rishikesh also offers access to beautiful and iconic places in the city


Deepen Your Practice:- Yoga teacher training programs offer opportunities to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga both physically and spiritually.


Learn from the experts:- This program is led by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who can guide you to master various aspects of yoga including philosophy, anatomy and teaching techniques.


Personal Development:- Participating in a yoga teacher training program can foster personal growth and self-discovery, as you explore your strengths, limits and confidence.


Teaching Skills:- This program provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to be a confident and effective yoga teacher, including class sequences, transitions and communication techniques.


Community and support:- Participating in a yoga teacher training program allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive community of colleagues and teachers.


Yoga Alliance Certification:- Completing the Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training program can enhance your credibility as a yoga teacher and open up teaching opportunities locally and internationally.


Health and Wellness:- Participating in a structured yoga teacher training program can have a positive impact on your health and overall health, both physically and mentally.


Continuing Education:- Even if you don’t plan to teach yoga professionally, a teacher training program can be a valuable way to continue your education and personal growth in yoga.

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What Will You Learn During Your Yoga Course at Rishikesh Yogkulam?

During your yoga course at Rishikesh Yogkulam, you will learn a comprehensive range of topics and practices that will deepen your understanding and experience of yoga. Here are some key aspects of what you can expect to learn:

  • Yoga Philosophy- Immerse yourself in the ancient teachings of yoga philosophy, including the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and other guiding principles of yoga practice.
  • Asana Practice- Explore yoga asanas (postures) that focus on alignment, breathing skills and mindfulness to develop strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Pranayama- Learn a variety of breathing techniques to control and expand your life force energy (prana) while promoting overall well-being and mental clarity..
  • Meditation- Cultivate regular meditation to quiet the mind, raise your awareness and increase your self-awareness.
  • Anatomy and Physiology- Gain a basic understanding of the human body and how it relates to the practice of yoga, including biomechanics, muscle engagement and injury prevention.
  • Teaching Methodology- To develop the skills and confidence to lead a yoga class, including sequencing, cueing, adapting classes, and a supportive and inclusive environment for students.
  • Mantra chanting- Explore the power of sacred sounds through mantra chanting, which can help focus the mind, open the heart and connect with higher spiritual consciousness.
  • Ayurveda- Explore the basic principles of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga that emphasizes overall health and wellness through lifestyle, diet and self-care programs.

By immersing yourself in these teachings and practices at Rishikesh Yogkulam, you will not only deepen your own yoga practice but also prepare yourself to share the wisdom of yoga with others as a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher.

Best Yoga School in India Best Yoga School in India Best Yoga School in India

Our Expert Gurus

Best Yoga Teachers - Rishikesh, India


Hatha Yoga & Ashtanga Vinyasa

Born in the lap of the holy Ganges, at the foot of the Bhootnath Shiva temple, in the midst of Himalayan forests, Dhirendra ji presents himself as a nature lover and spiritual seeker. Starting from one of the oldest, most prestigious and traditional schools in Rishikesh at the age of 5, Dhirendra believes that a mystical force drew him to yoga while once practicing asana during a fitness class in school. It was and under the able guidance of his guru Narendra Gusain who continued to practice asanas, following a sattvic diet and attend music classes that enabled him to practice yoga religiously. His dedication was such that there were times when he would practice till his body ached, it was at this point that he realized that outward praise and accolades meant nothing and the real meaning of yoga was that you could measure yourself from body, mind and spirit. The next phase of his training was under Guru Nalin Sharma, under whom he studied yoga philosophy and spiritual development and finally under Guru Roshan Singh, Dhirendra received lessons on personal development. When his three gurus thought he was ready, Dhirendra started the yoga school with one goal - to help other practitioners realize their full potential on their yoga journey.

team 10+ Year Of Experience In Yoga


Anatomy & Physiology

Amit Payal, founder of Rishikesh Yogkulam, is a 500-hour e-RYT yoga teacher with an advanced degree in yoga science. He is a renowned, acclaimed yoga guru from Rishikesh, India. With many specializations such as Alignment, Adjustment, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga philosophy, Anatomy and Pranayama, Amit ensures that his students push their limits, test themselves and achieve their goals around. Despite his warmth and passion for yoga, he ensures that everyone who comes through his class leaves feeling confident in their accomplishments and a sense of unity and family. He has conducted regular teacher training courses for over five years and has taught over 100 YTTCs to clients worldwide. His experience, skill and warmth help all of his students during their journey through the mind and body while skillfully instructing them in breath control and movement - the pillars of yoga practice. Amit believes it is important that his teachings reflect a deep, authentic and ancient knowledge of yoga and its thousands of years old tradition.

team 10+ Year Of Experience In Yoga


Yin Yoga & Meditation

Ella is a former Marketing Manager, who was always curious about the human mind and a more holistic perspective, which led her to study Neuro Linguistic Programming and Aromatherapy. Her yoga journey began at a time when she felt deeply depressed and couldn’t find purpose in life. Due to an inner calling, she decided to move to India and enroll in yoga classes and that was a turning point in her life. After a short period of full recovery from depression, inspired by the remarkable changes she made in her life, she went on to further deepen her studies through teacher training courses, retreats, workshops specializing in yin yoga, meditation techniques (Buddhist, Osho), the yoga nidra, Pre and Post Natal practices, as well as TCM. For her yin yoga practice, she takes inspiration from Sarah Powers. Her classes focus on releasing mental and physical barriers from the body. In her teaching you will find many practices for both mental and spiritual. She always places great emphasis on breathing technique before and after studying during meditation. Passionate about music and natural healing, she enjoys incorporating music, sound therapy and aromatherapy into her classes. Her favorite motto is "Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle, and best at the end."

team 10+ Year Of Experience In Yoga


Alignment & Adjustment

Pankaj Sharma was born and brought up in the foothills of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. After completing his BA in Sanskrit, he moved to Rishikesh and spent 8 years of his life in an ashram, while learning yoga in an age-old gurukula style and practicing a disciplined yogic life. To satisfy his self-indulgence in enlightenment, Pankaj simultaneously taught in various ashrams and yoga schools and obtained a higher degree in yoga. Having entered the ashram life early, With his teaching skills and knowledge of the Vedas, Pankaj has carved an art for himself in yoga, Upanishads and philosophy.

team 10+ Year Of Experience In Yoga


Ashtanga Vinyasa

Jitu Ji is a distinguished and time-honoured, traditional icon. It was here in Rishikesh that he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit from Paramarthaniketan Ashram and his Master’s degree in Yoga from the prestigious Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. He has devoted more than 10 years of his life to various ashrams like Bhagirathi Dham Ashram and Ananddham Ashram. He teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa in our school, and his ancient teaching methods bring students in and create a sense of appreciation and satisfaction.

team 10+ Year Of Experience In Yoga


Yog Nidra & Meditation

As a teacher, Deepa ji focuses heavily on meditation, Yoga Nidra, mantra chanting and laughter yoga. She has been lovingly teaching 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher trainings at renowned yoga schools for over 12 years. Definitions of spirituality for many people can differ from each other, but for Deepa 'spirituality' is all about peace of mind, receiving deep support and respect from those who value it to cooperate among themselves in order to achieve complete balance there all -Deepa ji loves to have pleasant walks in nature. Traveling has always been her passion, and she doesn’t think twice about making it a discovery.

team 20+ Year Of Experience In Yoga


Mantra Chanting

Mandeep Ji came to Rishikesh in 2002 and practiced yoga on the banks of the holy river Ganga for many years. Having completed his basic education at the renowned Paramarthniketan Ashram, he has been teaching the knowledge of mantra chanting, yoga philosophy and meditation to other practitioners for over 10 years. Apart from this, he is an experienced astrologer and has been working in this line for over 9 years. Not to mention, Mandeep Ji is also passionate about music and is a sound therapist. A true maestro in his profession, Mandeep Ji, who has been practicing yoga for an incredible 18 years, goes above and beyond to inspire his students to explore and realize their full potential!

team 20+ Year Of Experience In Yoga


Yoga philosophy, Meditation

Sadhu Shriji has deep knowledge of philosophy due to his study background in Indian philosophy. He did in-depth research on Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Upanishads and Buddhist literature which have contributed immensely to his knowledge in philosophy and history. For years, the Yoga Guru has shared his valuable philosophical experience with his students while teaching them how to apply knowledge in their daily lives through a practical approach backed by logic. He is helping hundreds of students every year to explore the deeper realms of yoga and become master teachers. He started his educational journey from Divya Jeevan Samaj, Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh. Later he added more feathers to his cap.

team 20+ Year Of Experience In Yoga


Sound Healing, Reiki

Siddhaji brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his experiences and backgrounds, he is formally educated with a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing Management, a Masters in Retail Management and also has a degree in Geography and has experience with multinationals operate in Dubai and India. Teaching yoga classes quickly took over, and he has begun sharing his passion for it. His yoga classes blend his love of creative ways to share these traditional skills with a more modern aspect that brings students together. By continuously practicing various breathing practices (pranayama), harmonious protection and yoga as a healing method. Versatile retreat focusing on mind, body, breathing skills, yoga Nidra , different meditation techniques and the study of yoga has opened him intuitively to harmony with the universe.

team 10+ Year Of Experience In Yoga

Questions You May Have

Some Doubts You May Have Before Joining Our Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga is an ancient practice that combines physical postures (asanas), breath control (pranayama), meditation, and ethical principles to promote overall health and well-being.

Yoga offers a wide range of benefits, including increased flexibility, strength, and balance, reduced stress and anxiety, improved mental clarity and focus, enhanced relaxation, and a sense of inner peace.

No, you do not need to be flexible to practice yoga. Yoga is a practice that can be adapted to suit individuals of all fitness levels and body types. With regular practice, flexibility will naturally improve.

The frequency of your yoga practice depends on your personal goals and schedule. Ideally, practicing yoga a few times a week can help you experience the benefits and progress in your practice.

Yes, yoga is a practice that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds. There are various styles and levels of yoga classes available to suit different needs and preferences.

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that allows you to move freely. Avoid wearing clothes that are too loose or baggy, as they may get in the way during certain poses.

While yoga does involve physical movement and can improve strength and flexibility, it is more than just a form of exercise. Yoga encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual elements that work together to promote holistic well-being.

There are many different styles of yoga, each with its own focus and intensity level. It's helpful to try out different styles and classes to see which one resonates with you and meets your needs and preferences.

We accept around 15-20 students for a particular course.

Best Yoga School in India


Best Yoga Teacher Training School in India

Private Room

Best Yoga School in India

Shared Room

Best Yoga Teacher Training School in India

Yoga Hall

Best Yoga School in India


Experience the Best Yoga Teacher Training Course of Your Life.

Rishikesh Yogkulam Exists To Bring The Authentic Teachings Of Yoga Back to yoga; both on and off the mat.

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Rishikesh Yogkulam's Reviews

What Students Say About Rishikesh Yogkulam

Andrea Gelpi testimonial

Andrea Gelpi

200 Hour YTTC


Yogkulam means family. They have been my family during this month of September. I have to say that this school is run from the heart, with highly qualified teachers, where I have learned from their experience and wisdom. With love and affection they have been aware of all our concerns and have taken great care of us. They are serious and professional, wanting to transmit yoga in the best way. And the views from the school are amazing. Al the best 😘

Jorge Gonzalez testimonial

Jorge Gonzalez

200 Hour YTTC


Yogkulam truly is a yoga family. Very quickly we became like a family, sharing thoughts, ideas, dreams and cultural exchange. It was such a humbling experience, the teachers were great, overall the course syllabus is very complete. I learned so much about the lifelong journey that yoga represents. It was challenging everyday but there Is nothing that I regret coming to yogkulam. The food everyday was so delicious and nutritious, Sunil really took care of us. It was such a fresh and fun training because the teachers are young and very knowledgeable. Special thanks to Amitji and Jituji, our asana and theory teachers, and my dear friends!

Lucy Robertson testimonial

Lucy Robertson

200 Hour Online YTTC


I recently completed my 200 hour online teacher training with Rishikesh yogkulam and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to undertake a teacher training course. Don't look any further! The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable, and are always available to answer any question. I loved the holistic approach to the curriculum with Hatha Asana, Ayurveda, Philosophy, Pranayama, and Meditation training. This holistic approach to teacher training helped me develop a wider perspective and learn how each is interconnected. Thank you Rishikesh yogkulam :)

Crystal Osuji testimonial

Crystal Osuji

200 Hour YTTC


What a phenomenal month-long journey to the self with these guys! Rishikesh Yogkulam went above and beyond my expectations for a TTC. All of the teachers are very relatable and extremely passionate and knowledgeable about their craft. Going into the experience, I wanted to be able to take away as much information as I could to pass along to my future yoga students. This program really prepares you with all the tools you need and gives you the confidence you need to be an amazing yoga teacher. Thank you for sharing your culture and love of yoga with me. Rishikesh Yogkulam is an unforgettable experience. Thank you.

Reena testimonial


200 Hour YTTC


Wow!!! Having completed many courses in my life I left Yogkulam feeling inspired and wanting to learn more. The passion of ancient yogic knowledge oozes from the teachers who with love, respect and dignity hold true to what they believe and what they have been taught. They looked after my inflexible body and on my journey have knowingly or unknowingly taught me to respect and expand on the limitations which I have put on myself throughout my life. The 200Hr TTC is well thought out with great teachings on all levels of the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of life. Be inspired, feel whole and let go. We create our own walls so when you are ready free yourself. There’s only one place I can recommend in Rishikesh to study yoga and that is Yogkulam. Join the family.

Eva Drabkova testimonial

Eva Drabkova

500 Hour YTTC


If you do care more for the content than the famous name, then go for this school. Led by experienced teachers Dee and Amit in a professional way, yet very friendly atmosphere. I felt at home from the very first moment. We were a small group and thanks to it received all the attention from our teachers and got answers to all our questions. Many new inputs and inspiration for yoga practice. Premises are beautiful and the food is delicious prepared by the smiling chef :). Thank you for the unforgettable and beautiful experience!

Anaïs Guyon testimonial

Anaïs Guyon

200 Hour YTTC


I will highly recommend this school, with an extremely professional team of teachers. Because it's a small structure you will benefit from the best attention which is a really important point to choose a school and to progress I think. I took my training course with Amit and I can affirm he is a very good teacher, extremely knowledgeable, and overachiever. Him and all the team will take you high in your practice, your knowledge and will give you the confidence to teach your turn. Rishikesh yogkulam is a good choice!

Lucy Roberts testimonial

Lucy Roberts

300 Hour YTTC


I followed my previous teacher Dee for my 300 hour yoga teacher training course to his new school which he runs with Amit, both exceptional teachers. My knowledge of asana and alignment has improved especially but all the classes were brilliant. The course is intense but well worth it. The food is delicious and cooked with love every single day. The rooms are light, bright, clean and spacious. The teachers took us on excursions around rishikesh on our day off, invited us to an Indian wedding and threw a lovely birthday celebration for one of the girls on the course. My group was small and we had a very special bond with each other by the end. Can’t thank the teachers enough. I highly recommend this school.

Jennifer Santiago testimonial

Jennifer Santiago

500 Hour YTTC


I did a lot of research for the perfect school and I am so glad I found it! The teachers are amazing, full of knowledge, willing to help you grow, always an ear for your questions, assistance if you have any problem or health issues, respect full and always in a good mood to share wonderful experiences and memories with you. I can't say enough thank you for all your kindness and knowledge I got from all the teachers of Rishikesh Yogkulam. I definitely will be back to keep studying with all of them. And a big hug to my colleagues there was one of a kind and so happy to have shared all this experience with them too. Definitely this school is the best you can find in Rishikesh. Dhanyawad

Hannah testimonial


200 Hour YTTC


Dhi and Amit gurujis will teach you to be both flexible and strong at the same time. I am so grateful I was able to learn from the best. They have the knowledge and passion to train you to be a better yogi and improve your practice. I have so much respect for both, and am so excited to see that they have teamed up to start a school that will optimally train your body, mind and spirit to be “healthy and happy”. I would highly recommend it to any yogi to learn from Dhi and Amit. You will gain lifelong friends, not just teachers.

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Reason Students Choose Our School

Rishikesh Yogkulam Trustpilot Reviews



Based on 133 Reviews

trustpilot Nov 4, 2022

Highly Recommended..

Highly recommended... I'm a beginner, just practicing yoga from last month. Here, i learn 60+ asanas within a month and gain knowledge of pranayama, meditation and so on... Trainers are good... Here, i am getting good and healthy foods everyday.. Rishikesh is the best place to practice yoga.. If I step out of the room in school, always i can hear ganga sound and beautiful view... It's a good experience...


trustpilot Nov 12, 2022

Experiencing the subtler realities of Yoga

A once in a lifetime experience, very well crafted and packaged with a lot of love and affection. The team is motivated towards helping everyone achieve the collective goal. 360 degree perspective on the entire circle of Indian philosophy which gives a deeper understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing.Even after the course ends you may leave physically but mentally you are still in Yogkulam."You can check out anytime you like but you may never leave"Highly recommended school.

rohan Jadhav

trustpilot Nov 6, 2022

I have just finished 180 hours TTC

I have just finished 180 hours TTC. Yogkulam structured the path of Yoga for me.It was more than a course, was a life changing experience. Thank you so much.

Kumar Kartikeya

trustpilot Aug 31, 2021

It was very wonderful journey for me .I…

It was very wonderful journey for me .I have completed 200 Hours . My life has been changed after taking daily sessions . Now it will a lifelong learning for me . Thanks to my teacher .

Girish Pokhriyal

yogkulam Nov 6, 2022

Calm and peaceful centre

I have completed my 2 month yoga practices, the yogkulam is best in my opinion, trainer is also humble . My mind has calm after these session. Thank you so much...

aakash kumar

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Guiding principles and the sacred thread of discipline

Hello and welcome to the Yoga Teacher Training! We're excited to embark on this new journey together, where we'll nurture your body, mind, and soul. Let's make this experience truly enjoyable to reap the maximum benefits.

General Information:

  • To enhance your yoga practice, we kindly request that you refrain from consuming drugs, smoking, and drinking alcohol during the training.
  • Sundays are your day to relax and rejuvenate! We won't have any lessons scheduled, and there won’t be any meals on Sunday so you can enjoy and explore the cafes around. Additionally, all our excursions will be organized on Sundays, and we'll share the plans with you one day in advance.
  • If you need laundry service, don't worry; we've got you covered! You can get your laundry done at a reasonable price of 20 INR per piece. Simply reach out to our reception for more details, and please remember to pay in cash when you collect your fresh laundry.
  • For your comfort and convenience, our school provides room cleaning service every week. We'll keep you informed about the schedule, so you can always have a tidy space to relax in.
  • To stay hydrated, we have filtered water available in the kitchen area, and there's a water dispenser offering hot, cold, and normal water.
  • During the course, we may capture pictures and videos of our school and students. Occasionally, our school photographer might be present during classes. If you prefer not to have your photos taken, please let the admin in charge know during the orientation program.
  • Let's be mindful of our energy consumption! Remember to turn off all electrical appliances, such as fans, lights, heaters, and geysers, when they are not in use.
  • Your well-being is essential to us. In case of any medical emergency, you can contact Amit Ji, Dheru Ji, Jittu Ji, Pankaj Ji, or Ella Ji at any time. Please note that medical expenses are not covered by the school.
  • We want you to have a focused and immersive experience, so we kindly ask that no friends, relatives, or outsiders stay with the participants, unless you've informed us beforehand and received permission.
  • If you won't be eating at the school, please let us know in advance (at least 3 hours before) to avoid food wastage. In case you tell us at last moment or do not inform us, INR 100 would be deducted per meal.
  • As you immerse yourself in the Indian experience, our food options align with the local cuisine. We offer a variety of nutritious meals, including legumes as a protein source for vegetarian diets (eggs are not considered veg in India), chapati and rice as carbohydrates, cooked and raw vegetables, and fruits during breakfast. If you prefer specific products, you can explore the organic store nearby. Your profound understanding and the warmth you bring infuse a unique essence into our shared journey. Together, let's nurture Kritajna (gratitude) for the nourishing meals that is provided to us.
  • While using cups or glasses, please be considerate and don't leave them on the stairs or roof. It's essential to take care of your personal belongings. Keep them in a safe place and lock your room whenever you're outside. Also, don't forget to close your windows, as we wouldn't want any monkeys dropping in unexpectedly.
  • To ensure the upkeep of our facilities, a deposit of 1000 INR may be requested in case of any damage or loss to the school's property. Rest assured, if everything is in order on the check-out day, the deposit will be returned to you.
  • Our school gate closes at 10 pm for security purposes. Please make sure you're on the premises before that time. Please remember that arriving after the closing time will be considered a violation of our institution's code.
  • Engaging in the sacred practice of silence and mindful consumption: we humbly request students to embrace the art of quiet reflection and mindful savoring from the waking time and during breakfast until 9 am. Following this, feel free to converse openly as usual. Throughout classes, you are welcome to pose questions at any moment.
  • Let's be environmentally conscious and reduce our usage of toilet paper. All our bathrooms are equipped with jet sprays, and if you're unfamiliar with using them, just ask our friendly office staff for assistance. For the shower we advice to use the bucket as it is easier and more environmental friendly.
  • Power cuts are pretty common in India, especially during the summer, so just remember that during those times, your AC and water boiler won't be available.
  • Please avoid feeding the monkeys on the school premises, as they can sometimes get a little feisty and aggressive. Also, while strolling around Rishikesh, it's best not to eat while walking, as it might attract monkeys and cows who are quite the food enthusiasts! During your stay, we recommend steering clear of street foods to avoid any potential tummy troubles. Stick to filtered water for drinking, and you'll be good to go! Just a friendly reminder to enjoy raw fruits and veggies in moderation as It's easy to get a tummy issue
  • Let's embrace the traditional Indian environment around us. To respect the local customs, it's best to refrain from public displays of affection on the school premises.
  • On the check-in day, no activities or meals are provided, but don't worry, everything will kick off on the 2nd day and in the meantime you can explore the several options around the campus.
  • if you haven't mentioned any allergies or intolerances on the arrival form, we may need to add a small extra charge of $50 (4000 INR).
Class information:
  • It's important to attend all classes, as we require a minimum of 100% attendance to issue your certificate. However, we understand that sometimes illness can happen, and in such cases, please inform your teachers.
  • The attendance register is for our teachers to handle. We kindly ask that students not fill it out themselves.
  • During the teacher training, you'll experience hands-on adjustments. If you're ever uncomfortable with this approach, feel any pain, or simply prefer to learn differently, please speak up. Your comfort matters!
  • For a focused and tranquil atmosphere, we request that you don't bring any food or drinks (except water) inside the yoga hall.
  • Be mindful of the time and arrive at least five minutes before class starts. This way, we can begin on time and make the most of our sessions.
  • During classes, let's stay away from mobile phones for external communication or social media usage. We want to create a positive and focused environment for everyone.
  • Please avoid lying down or sitting on your books/manuals during classes, as it's considered disrespectful to the teachers and the Indian culture.
  • To receive your certificate, make sure to submit your assignments by the 21st, and your exam sessions will be held between the 19th and 23rd.
  • We're all one big family here, so let's treat each other with respect and kindness. This includes our staff, teachers, and fellow trainees.
  • Maintaining a yogic atmosphere is crucial. Let's steer clear of any verbal or physical harm towards others. Any inappropriate behavior, like breaking the code of discipline, stealing, damaging school property, discrimination, or sexual harassment, will not be tolerated and could result in being declined from the course.

Bear in mind that this is an intense teacher training program, demanding both physically and mentally and following these guidelines will help to create a positive and supportive environment for everyone. Let's cherish this unique experience together and make the most of it! If you have any questions or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Happy learning and practicing! Namaste!