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About Rishikeshyogkulam


To bring the authentic teachings of yoga back to yoga; both on and off the mat. And to create a physical and virtual place for a conscious community to practice the art, science and philosophy of authentic yoga.

Our Mission is to make Rishikesh Yogkulam the preferred yoga-training school in Rishikesh by delivering outstanding yoga, high quality & transformational presentations, workshops, and courses through physical and virtual platforms, and serving our local & international community in the greatest way possible.

The 9 Principles of Practice by Rishikesh yogkulam

Principle 1: Morality

Rely on us when we say that we bring the yogic science to you unaltered from the literature. We consider yoga to be a privilege to humanity. It is a matter of high regard for us to keep the integrity of Yoga intact and perform every task, be it howsoever small with equal respect and honor.

Principle 2: Community

We welcome everyone with arms wide open. Our bonding with students is not just limited to classes and so a person who has been associated with us anytime, becomes an inseparable part of the Yogkulam community. Along with Yoga, we thoroughly enjoy conducting social events to celebrate music, literature, laughter and more.

Principle 3: Leadership

We believe in being ideal leaders to all our students and to the yoga community worldwide by letting our work speak for us. As we strive to be role models to others, we also induce the qualities of leadership in our students as it is through them that our teachings are reflected worldwide.

Principle 4: Social Service

Our morals thrive on compassion. We strongly believe in giving back to the society whatever is possible on our part. Conducting charity programs is an important activity to us.

Principle 5: Unending Learning

Every individual can teach something, if we have the willingness to learn. We are inquisitive to learn as much as we are determined to teach. We wake up every day to be better than yesterday.

Principle 6: Mindfulness

We strive to induce self awareness in ourselves and our students. We practice creating a state of calmness in every situation and thereby deliver our best even under challenging circumstances.

Principle 7: Harmony

We seek to create a balance with our mind, body, people and nature. Harmony is the key to coexistence.

Principle 8: Gratitude

We are thankful to the divine for letting us exist on this beautiful planet amongst other beautiful beings. We are fortunate to be sharing our knowledge with the world and making it a peaceful place to live in. We express our gratitude through our endeavors.

Principle 9: Universal Trust

We believe in ourselves. We also believe that not everything is achievable in one go and for that, we believe in universe. On days when the going gets tough, we derive the push for ourselves by seeking positive energy existing around us. The cosmos has all the answers and it is important that we trust it.

These principles are our reflections when we are exposed to the mirror of the real world. These are our identity and set us apart from others. On this journey of glorifying Yoga, we shall never deviate from these morals as they make for the spine of Rishikesh Yogkulam.